Interactive Wall is now available!

OKSpin Interactive Wall provides a new mobile advertising experience with high revenue, low disturbance, and deep engagement!



The Interactive Wall is another way for developers to cash in on their apps, in addition to regular ads, by displaying various tasks (downloading and installing recommended quality apps, registering, filling out forms, etc.) for users to complete to get the corresponding rewards.

*The data in the display chart is for reference only.


The interactive wall is based on the coins or reward system in the app. Users enter the interactive wall page through the ad portal, participate and complete the advertiser events shown on the page, and get the corresponding rewards in the developer's app.

The longer users use the interactive wall, the more tasks they participate in, and the more rewards they will get. Users will receive a notification for each completed task and return to the task page to view the rewards that have automatically arrived, where they are further encouraged to participate in completing the next task to get more rewards.