In order to provide developers with a more timely and clear understanding of the real monetization effect and revenue data, OKSpin opens its backend data system to the public to improve the timeliness of data and expand the data monitoring dimension. Developers can log in to the backend at any time and get the real-time and comprehensive backend data as soon as it is available.


Recently, we have optimized and upgraded the backend data system, adding Overview page and App page, so that developers can understand the revenue situation and manage their App more conveniently.


Currently, OKSpin's backend data system contains four main pages: Overview page, App page, Reporting page and API Document page.

Overview Page: Revenue and eCPM Data

The Overview page presents the developer's overall revenue, showing developer's daily revenue and 7 days' revenue, last month's revenue and eCPM value. Also, developers can see the increase or decrease (in percentage) of each data item. In addition, the daily revenue and eCPM values are displayed as line graphs, allowing developers to see the change in revenue at a glance.


App Page: App and Placement Management


App page is a page for developers to manage App and ad Placement. In this page, developers can view and manage App and Placement, and add or delete App and Placement.

In the near future, the App page is still being optimized and updated, and we will gradually test it online.

Reporting Page: Multi-dimensional Data Reporting


The Reporting page presents detailed data from multiple dimensions to help developers monitor ad revenue comprehensively. In the original Reporting page, developers can select different categories such as date, country, app, ad position, ad position type, etc, to view the corresponding revenue, exposure, CPM and other data while generating Excel table reports to export the page data.


In this system upgrade, the Reporting page will add more display indicators and dimensions and optimize for interactions based on the original data. We believe that the reconstructed Reporting page will bring a better experience for developers.


API Document Page: Multiple Docking Documents


We provide a variety of docking documents for developers to view according to their needs, and the API Document page shows the latest docking documents to guide developers to dock with OKSpin on their own.


Docking documents include: 1. Android_SDK docking documents 2. Unity_SDK docking documents 3. API docking documents (to get interactive connection) 4. S2S callback docking documents 5. Ad portal material acquisition docking document 6. Cocos docking documents 7. Cocos_JS docking documents 8. Report docking documents.

OKSpin has established an efficient backend data system through technical support and operation optimization, so that developers can grasp the real-time data information about the monetization effect, revenue and other multi-dimensional information at any time.


In the future, we will further improve the transparency of data, the data of clicks and conversions of ads will be added gradually in the subsequent system optimization and upgrade, and more developer management functions will be launched successively, so stay tuned!