In today's competitive digital landscape, developers constantly seek innovative ways to captivate users and boost app engagement. One powerful tool at their disposal is the use of interactive ads.

What are interactive ads and why are they important for apps?

Interactive ads are dynamic advertisements that go beyond traditional banner or video ads, allowing users to actively engage with the playable content. These ads incorporate interactive elements, gamification features, and immersive experiences to make the user experience more enjoyable. 

Traditional static banner ads or pop-ups often lead to poor user experiences, causing frustration and irritation. Interactive ads, on the other hand, offer a refreshing alternative by delivering engaging content that users willingly interact with, mitigating negative user sentiment.

By integrating elements such as rewards, challenges, and achievements, these ads stimulate user participation, fostering a sense of competition and progression. Users are more likely to engage with an app that offers interactive features, leading to longer app sessions, increased user attention, and ultimately, improved retention rates.

The best interactive ads examples

1. Taobao's in-house mini-game for Double 11

Taobao, the popular Chinese e-commerce platform, introduced an in-house mini-game as part of its Double 11 (also known as Singles' Day) promotional campaign. The mini-game was designed to engage users and offer an interactive experience while shopping for deals and discounts during the annual shopping extravaganza.

The mini-game featured various challenges and activities for users to participate in, such as virtual shopping sprees, treasure hunts, and interactive quizzes. Users could earn points and rewards by completing these tasks, which could be used to unlock additional discounts or exclusive offers on products available on Taobao.

The mini-game not only provided entertainment but also served as a marketing strategy to drive user traffic and boost sales on Taobao. It encouraged users to explore different products and engage with various sellers, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the Double 11 shopping festival.

Photo credit: Weibo user 啵啵啵rio

Photo by: Weibo user

2. Spotify's 'Call-to-Action (CTA) cards'

Spotify introduced Call-to-Action (CTA) cards for podcast ads, adding a new dimension of interactivity to their advertising offerings. These CTA cards provide listeners with clickable elements within the ad, allowing them to take immediate action, such as visiting a website, downloading an app, or signing up for a newsletter. 

This interactive feature enhances user engagement by enabling a seamless transition from the ad to the desired action, facilitating a more direct and measurable response from listeners. By incorporating CTA cards, Spotify aims to provide advertisers with more effective ways to drive conversions and track campaign performance while offering listeners a more engaging and actionable ad experience.

Spotify Call-to-action Cards

The two cases demonstrate how interactive ads can captivate audiences, drive engagement, and create memorable experiences that connect users with brands in innovative ways.

OKSpin’s Interactive Ads

  • In-App Rewards: Help apps build in-app reward systems where users can earn points, coins, or virtual currency by playing games or completing certain tasks. These rewards can then be exchanged for gift cards from popular retailers or online platforms.

  • Achievement-Based Rewards: OKSpin’s reward in-app game provides rewards or achievements for reaching specific milestones or completing challenging levels. These achievements may unlock gift cards as a reward, either within the game itself or by linking game progress to external reward programs.

  • Offerwall: Some apps can build loyalty programs that reward players for their continued engagement and progression. As users accumulate points or loyalty rewards by playing games within the app, they can redeem them for gift cards or other valuable rewards.

  • Prize Contests or Tournaments: Participating in game tournaments or contests organized by OKSpin or within the gaming community can provide opportunities to win gift cards as prizes. These competitions often require skill and dedication to excel and claim the top positions.

  • Ad-Based Reward Systems: OKSpin can offer users the option to watch advertisements voluntarily in exchange for in-app rewards. These rewards may include gift cards, discounts, or other perks.